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THe Shield

Empowering Lifelong Journeys with Our Virtual Support Shield

While a definitive cure for battle shock remains on the horizon, we’re dedicated to equipping our participants in their ongoing mission to lead fulfilling lives. Introducing our innovative virtual shield – a dynamic tool designed to bolster individuals in their daily triumphs over challenges.

Our Shield’s Three Pillars: Our virtual shield is built upon three essential pillars: community, mind-body-soul wellness, and employment reintegration.

Community: At the heart of our approach is the cultivation of a nurturing and compassionate community, uniting participants, devoted staff, and seasoned professionals. This around-the-clock refuge stands as a bastion of inclusivity, offering steadfast support 24/7.

Mind-Body-Soul Wellness: Tailored exclusively to combat veterans navigating the effects of battle shock, our pioneering program is a beacon of hope. Infused with yoga as therapy, meditation, mindful breathing, and emotional regulation techniques, our holistic regimen is dedicated to nurturing overall well-being.

Employment Reintegration: Stepping back into the workforce can be daunting, which is why our program offers expert guidance, indispensable tools, and invaluable industry connections. Our commitment is unwavering, whether participants seek to rejoin the corporate world or embark on personal entrepreneurial ventures.

Currently, our association thrives with a membership of 40 individuals, and each year, we warmly embrace 20 new members into our fold.