Israel Heart2Heart

Empowerment Year

To join the Israel Heart2Heart community, IDF veterans living with PTSD are invited to join the Empowerment Program. Registration opens in October of each year in preparation for the 12-month program that each participant will undergo, beginning in January of the following year. 

During these 12 months, participants get to experience the following activities:

  • Weekly Yoga as a Therapy sessions at a location near the participant’s home address.
  • Monthly Empowerment Days
  • Personal Empowerment Mentors from USA
  • Participation in the Career Unit, which will help each participant build their network, find employment , and enhance their skills.

At the end of the Empowerment Program, participants who have successfully completed their 12-month journey get to join the Mission of a Lifetime (MOL), a culmination of their progress and learnings. During the MOL, participants get to enjoy a Ten-day itinerary in South Florida, with various activities focused on healing, mentorship & coaching, community support, and of course, having fun!