Supporting Wounded IDF Veterans with PTSD

At our organization, our mission is clear: to offer unwavering assistance to soldiers living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), who are grappling with the challenges brought on by battle shock. Our comprehensive approach addresses these difficulties head-on, encompassing three vital areas: community, mind-body-soul wellness, and employment reintegration.

Community: Our cornerstone is the creation of a nurturing and empathetic community that unites participants, dedicated staff, and seasoned professionals. This round-the-clock safe haven is a sanctuary of inclusivity, ensuring unwavering support 24/7 for everyone in our community dealing with PTSD symptoms or are just in need of a helping hand.

Mind-Body-Soul: We’ve designed a pioneering program tailored specifically for combat veterans dealing with battle shock and a PTSD diagnosis. This innovative regimen incorporates yoga as therapy, meditation, mindful breathing, and emotional regulation techniques. We firmly believe in nurturing holistic well-being to help manage PTSD symptoms.

Employment: Reentering the workforce can be challenging after a PTSD diagnosis, which is why our program offers expert guidance, essential tools, and valuable industry connections. Whether it’s rejoining the world of business or pursuing personal ventures, we’re committed to empowering participants.

Presently, our association boasts a membership of 40 individuals, and every year, we warmly welcome 20 new members into our fold.