Israel Heart2Heart Empowerment Year

Mission Of A LifeTime

The Mission of a Lifetime program crowns the year-long Empowerment Program by Israel Heart2Heart, offering an all-expenses paid trip to South Florida annually for successful participants. Representing the pinnacle of the healing journey, it rewards Israeli veterans who completed the arduous program with a transformative experience.

Rooted in a year of collaboration with Empowerment Mentors and engagement in Mind-Body-Soul initiatives across Israel, the Mission of a Lifetime trip becomes a well-earned tribute to these resilient heroes. In South Florida, participants immerse themselves in daily Mind-Body-Soul practices, engage in Las Olas community activities, learn from renowned business figures, and bond with fellow Israel supporters. This expedition profoundly impacts soldiers grappling with PTSD, making it a truly unparalleled “Mission of a Lifetime.”