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Support Israel’s Heroes

From Battlefield to Healing: Support Israel’s Heroes

The recent conflict is leaving its mark on Israel’s brave soldiers, both physically and mentally. Over 2,000 heroes have been injured, their lives forever altered by the call of duty. They face long roads of rehabilitation, battling both physical wounds and the invisible scars of war. But the impact extends beyond the battlefield.

450,000 reservists, husbands, fathers, sons, and daughters, left their families and livelihoods behind to defend their nation. Many families, already grappling with the emotional toll, now face financial hardship due to lost income.

This is where Israel Heart2Heart steps in.
Israel Heart2Heart, a pillar of post-traumatic stress support, will also provide a lifeline for our wounded warriors and their families. We offer:
• Financial aid for needed families: Alleviating the financial burden faced by families who have lost income due to reservist duty.
• Emotional support: Providing counseling and resources to help injured soldiers access a specialized care to cope with the trauma and stress of war.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.

Together, we can ease the burden on our heroes and their loved ones, ensuring they have the resources to heal and rebuild their lives.

From your heart to their heart, let’s help Israel’s heroes heal and rebuild.

Donate today and make a difference.