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Shlomo Tibi

Real Estate Investment Expert

Shlomo Tibi is a seasoned entrepreneur and real estate expert who brings a wealth of knowledge to the Israel Heart2Heart community. With a strong background in both real estate development and investment lending, Shlomo specializes in identifying lucrative real estate opportunities for investors and developers. Having ventured into the world of real estate shortly after completing his service in the IDF, Shlomo understands the challenges faced by those embarking on their careers. His journey is an inspiring example of turning challenges into opportunities.

Shlomo’s expertise spans a wide spectrum of real estate intricacies, including crafting effective business plans, securing investments, navigating financing options, understanding taxation implications, maximizing property improvements, optimizing rental strategies, conducting property valuations, executing effective marketing campaigns, and proficiently managing properties. With a deep understanding of urban renewal dynamics, Shlomo is equipped to guide Heart2Heart participants through the complexities of the real estate landscape. His hands-on experience and strategic insights can empower participants to make informed decisions and realize their real estate investment goals.

Erez Yerushalmi

Purpose-Driven Business Leader

Erez Yerushalmi is a visionary entrepreneur and purpose-driven business leader whose expertise resonates strongly with the Israel Heart2Heart community. With a track record of founding and scaling businesses with a focus on purpose and conscious capitalism, Erez brings a unique perspective to the world of business strategy. He is not only an accomplished entrepreneur but also a respected figure in academia, leading the “Purpose Economy” and “Business Strategy” initiatives at prestigious universities.

Erez’s passion lies in empowering organizations to thrive by embracing conscious capitalism and purpose-led agendas. His extensive experience in multiple companies globally positions him as a thought leader in the intersection of business and purpose. Erez’s acclaimed book, Labyrinth, delves into the profound pursuit of purpose in human life, providing valuable insights for Heart2Heart participants seeking to align their careers with a higher purpose.

Erez’s participation in the community offers a transformative opportunity for participants to understand how purpose and conscious business practices can drive success. His guidance can empower individuals to build businesses that create a positive impact while achieving financial success.

Itamar Cohen

Financial Strategy and Accounting Specialist

Itamar Cohen is a financial strategist and accounting expert who stands ready to provide invaluable assistance to Israel Heart2Heart participants. As the head of a professional company offering personalized services to clients across the globe, Itamar’s expertise in accounting and financial management is a crucial asset for individuals and businesses alike. His strong partnerships with accounting and banking firms worldwide showcase his proficiency in navigating complex financial landscapes.


Itamar’s exceptional ability to analyze the unique needs of each client and business on a global scale sets him apart as a trusted advisor. His comprehensive approach ensures that participants receive tailored solutions that address specific challenges and opportunities. By entrusting financial matters to Itamar and his team, participants can focus on their core strengths and pursuits, knowing that their financial strategies, taxation concerns, and cash flow are expertly managed.


With Itamar’s guidance, Heart2Heart participants can achieve financial clarity and stability, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of accounting and financial management with confidence. His commitment to his clients’ success reflects the shared goal of the community to thrive in their professional endeavors.