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About IH2H

Our Mission

Our mission is to make an impact on the lives of wounded Israeli soldiers with PTS. Through our soldier mentoring program between Israel and South Florida and our trauma-based yoga program in Israel, Israel Heart2Heart provides Israeli combat veterans with a platform to heal, grow and excel, allowing them the opportunity to better their lives.

How We Are Helping Soldiers


Trauma Conscious Yoga

Israel Heart2Heart promotes healing through trauma-based Yoga. A unique and exclusive program developed based on the proven success of the American “Connected Warriors” traumaconscience yoga programs. It is a special type of yoga which specifically helps individuals suffering from PTS through healing yoga techniques. Our yoga teachers are certified through trauma-based yoga degrees. The program operates in 8 different locations in Israel


Soldier Mentoring

To have a real impact on soldiers with PTS, we build trust and relationships over time through structured mentoring on a one-to-one basis. Israel Heart2Heart provides what is called “Relationship Mentoring”; where US volunteer mentors open their hearts to the hearts of our wounded warriors in Israel, our mentees. It is through this approach that our name, Israel Heart2Heart was born.


Business/Career Unit

The purpose of the Israel Heart2Heart Career Unit is to provide assistance to members in need of career support. All of our IDF veteran warriors with PTS are at different stages of their career development. The Career Unit trains and coaches our soldiers in five primary areas which include: Career Goal Coaching, Professional resume writing, Interviewing skills, Professional Network Skills and Access to Career Contacts.


Mind-Body Events

Israel Heart2Heart leads a full day mind-body workshop in Israel every other month for its wounded warriors. The purpose of the workshop activities is to empower and revitalize the IDF veterans of Israel Heart2Heart. It is our approach to a pathway to healing and transformation.


Mission Of a Life Time

Mission Of A Lifetime Members who qualify to undergo the full year training will have the opportunity to visit Florida to experience an unforgettable “Mission of a Lifetime”. The “Mission of a Lifetime” consists of 10 days of learning, High level mind and body activities, joining US connected warriors’ yoga sessions, practicing yoga, and receiving support from each other, meeting their US mentors, and having fun. These 10 days of intensive healing activities which affirm their newly developed perception of themselves and life, which has a lasting effect.


Ambassador Program

Our Heart2Heart Ambassador Program is where we train select veterans who successfully went through our program and seek to help new Israeli combat veterans joining our program. These elite veterans seek to “pay it forward” by actively volunteering in the facilitation of our programs in Israel.


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We are helping combat Israeli worriers to rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma on the battlefield. It has been a privilege seeing these strong people reclaiming control over their lives while helping others do the same along the way — showing me that anything can be accomplished if you put your heart into it!

Rabbi Chaim Slavaticki | FOUNDER