Making a Difference, One Soldier at a Time

Trip of a Lifetime

The 2020 “Trip of a Lifetime”

*Temporarily Postponed*

03/15/20 – 03/25/20
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

We are now preparing for our 10 day 2020 Trip of a Lifetime, beginning on March 15, 2020. We are developing amazing programs which will include high adventure activities, sporting activities, Yoga classes, as well as PTSD educational workshops and events. We will also bring together our Israeli warriors with United States wounded veterans also suffering from PTSD to share stories and team events. At the end of the trip, each Israeli warrior will be paired with a member of our Las Olas Jewish community, to build supportive and lasting relationships upon their return home to Israel. And that is when Israel Heart2Heart support begins.

The Soldiers

There are many soldiers in Israel both active and inactive, wounded on the inside and out, with families and without who could benefit from Israel Heart2Heart. Their needs vary widely, from therapeutic support to educational support to emotional (motivational) support to financial support to just having a friend in America to talk with. Each soldier, when paired with a local community “mentor” in South Florida, receives the deep appreciation and support they need as a critical part of their healing process.

Our Process

We seek to identify and help specific Israeli warriors who have been affected by PTSD while serving in the IDF. Through our soldier profiling process, we learn their needs, wants and desires and help one soldier at a time to achieve them. We help them battle their PTSD by connecting them directly with our South Florida community members –one-by-one, developing supportive loving relationships and mentorship.

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