Making a Difference, One Soldier at a Time

the Business / Career Unit

About Our Business / Career Unit

An important part of the career goal setting process is to help our warriors identify specific skills they have or can develop that employers are looking for and help them develop their desired skills. On an as needed basis, the soldiers have access to a group of career volunteers to help them with their career. With deep experience and a network of professional and business contacts, Israel Heart2Heart helps soldiers build their network of connections.

The purpose of The Career Unit is to provide knowledge, tools and networking to member veterans in need of career support. Since all our warriors are combat veterans with PTS, they are all at different stages of their careers. Israel Heart2Heart provides career development in four primary areas to including:

The Career Unit Network

Our goal is to build a network of business executives, business owners and professionals (accountants, attorneys, investment advisors, etc.) who have a desire to help soldiers in need. The career unit network of Israel Heart2heart is seeking experienced men and women in business and industry in Israel. This small group of talented coaches will be available to provide career guidance to the wounded warriors of Israel Heart2Heart.

Affinity Groups

To help our warriors turbo charge their careers, we Israel Heart2Heart has created three affinity groups lead by experts in Israel:

  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • Technology

Our soldiers learn specific industry knowledge and terminology, arming them with information and inspiration to begin a new journey if they choose.

The Career Unit Advisory Board

Boaz Chalamish

Location: Israel

Boaz Chalamish is a 30-year technology industry veteran. He served as the CEO of Clarizen, a San Mateo based collaborative work management software where he helped take the company to the next level of growth. Chalamish held executive positions at VMware, where he led the company’s cloud management and end-user computing business. Previously, Chalamish was senior vice president of research and development at HP Software, following the Mercury Interactive acquisition for $4.5 billion. As senior vice president and general manager at Mercury Interactive, he was instrumental in creating the business technology optimization category and growing the company from zero to $1 billion in annual sales.

Alon Dumanis

Location: Israel

Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem – Head and Founder of The Technological Entrepreneurship Graduate Program.
CEO of Docor – Van Leer (PE & VC investments) for 15 years.
Chairman and member in dozens of boards of public and private companies.
Retired from the Israeli Air force as Brigadier General after 30 years of service (with deep involvement in technology and R&D).

Ph.D from Purdue university (USA) in Aerospace Engineerin

Mano Geva

Location: Israel

CEO at Midgam – Consulting & Research An Israeli statistician, research expert and entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Midgam Research& Consulting ltd. One of the top Israeli market researchers and sampling experts, often featured as a guest professor in leading Israeli academic institutes such as the Technion, The College of Management, and Tel Aviv U. In addition, Mano has built a proprietary data-mining-based model for election prediction, and serves as chairman of the Israeli union of market research agencies and co-founder of the first and largest Israeli online panel, “iPanel”. Other than being a founder at Wizer, Mano is also continuously involved in its strategy and consulting to the team on a variety of solutions.

Erez Yerushalami

Location: Israel

A high-tech entrepreneur, author, and lecturer in the technological leadership landscape, Erez Yerushalami is a thought-Leader, empowering organizations to scale rapidly by embracing ‘Conscious Capitalism’ and forming transcending leadership. Author of the highly acclaimed “Labyrinth”, a timeless creation depicting man’s pursuit of purpose General Manager of Avante Israel Founder & CEO at Sling (acquired by Avante) General Partner at Epic Endeavor Founder & CEO at Smite, global digital powerhouse. Founder at Castling, Exponential Innovation Program for veteran officers. Inventor of the Prodigy Disruption Methodology Leading the “Purpose Economy” course in Tel-Aviv University. Former Head of the 2018 Impact Entrepreneurship MBA program. Head of the 2018 Fintech Incubator at the College of Management. M.Sc. Industrial Design & Advanced Technologies (ISIA, Italy & University of Exeter, UK).

Shlomo Tibi

Location: Israel

Founder and owner of “HAZON” real estate entrepreneurship. Expert in accompanying investors, starting from the consulting phase through locating the deal, and finally renovating and renting the property. Shlomo helps people grow financially through real estate investments. He is also owner of “TB- project marketing”. In the last few years, Shlomo has accompanied over 100 families in real estate purchases. He believes in disseminating value to the general public and does so through giving lectures around the country. Shlomo has a B.A in Economics and Business Administration and participates in triathlon and Ironman competitions in Israel and around the world. He serves in the reserve as a team

Yossef Zilberberg

Location: Israel

With many years of experience in marketing, Yoseff is the founder and CEO of the leading Israeli digital marketing company bviral Zilberberg is a top speaker and consultant in the digital media world, helping many companies succeed. He advises a series of top companies in various industries, from small companies to chains in Israel and Europe, guiding businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their goals. Studied at Bar Ilan, New media college, MIT, Colombia University.