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Connect Warriors

Connected Warriors is a non-profit organization providing behavioral health services to US veterans and active-duty military through special trauma-based yoga and mindfulness practices.  Connected Warriors is based on the premise that belonging to a trusted, lifelong community is the primary key to ensuring inner peace and purposeful living for service members. 

Founded in 2010 in Boca Raton, Florida, Connected Warriors has achieved a strong global presence with their trauma-based yoga programs exceeding 200,000 visits to its worldwide locations, with classes offered in 26 states and 8 countries with no reported suicides. Connected Warriors provides sessions in yoga studios, community centers, 16 active-duty military bases, and 32 VA Hospitals and Vet Centers.

As a strategic partner to Israel Heart2Heart, Connected Warriors provides trauma-based yoga training to our yoga instructors in Israel, leading to an advanced certification. They provide guidance and insight in understanding the impact of trauma from war on veterans and actively work with the wounded warriors of Israel Heart2Heart. 


Location: 21301 Powerline Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33433

Danny’s Farm

Located in Sitria, Israel, Danny’s farm/ranch provides a safe and natural environment for healing. Through therapy with animals (over 50 horses), music, nature, yoga, and many other forms of healing, Danny’s Farm was designed to rehabilitate security forces veterans suffering from PTSD.

Danny’s Farm has become a very important strategic partner in Israel with Isreal Heart2Heart. Our Heart2Heart warriors and ambassadors gather there for full day group programs, as well as dropping in with family members to play music, ride horses or even to pet the bunnies. It is a very special place for healing.

The Journey at the Ranch program was designed to create an empowering, meaningful experience to help rehabilitate security forces veterans suffering from PTSD. The Journey is accompanied by top-of-the-line professionals offering much needed sensitivity, humility and simplicity. This program steps out the standard therapeutic frameworks in a unique 4-month process aiming to provide the group with various tools all the way to the finish line, where they will feel stronger, connected and confident as individuals and as a group. 


Location: Hahita St 7, Sitriya, Israel

Personal and professional growth

Stepping out of the comfort zone

The Rishon Foundation

The Rishon Lezion Foundation was founded in 1991 by Mayor Meir Nitzan. Since then, the foundation has been operating to raise donations for unique projects, with the aim of developing Rishon Lezion and working to promote its residents and their well-being.

Israel Heart2Heart has partnered with The Rishon Foundation to provide an array of services and benefits to Israeli combat veterans with PTS. Serving as a business hub to our Heart2Heart Warriors, The Rishon Foundation has provided a business home through their WeWorks location in town. This business home is vital to Israel Heart2Heart as a safe location to stimulate business and career development opportunities for our soldiers.



Location: The Rishon  Lezion, Israel