Making a Difference, One Soldier at a Time

Meet Our Soldiers

We have had an amazing response from our soldiers this year – and we would like to introduce some of our 2020 Trip of a Lifetime participants.

Daniel ben Hamo – Golani

During a military exercise, Daniel received a gunshot wound in his left hand. He subsequently underwent a one-year rehabilitation at Tel Hashomer Hospital.

Daniel has an interest in insurance and finance.

Erez Blumenthal – Sirion

Erez was commanding a tank during a fierce battle in the dark of night when his tank fell into a ditch and rolled over – trapping the crew beneath the wreckage until morning. Even with injuries to his spine and legs, he stays active with yoga and sports.

Tal Lekach – Paratroopers

Tal fought and was injured in the second Lebanon war – despite his injuries Tal enjoys surfing, wakeboarding, and tennis.

He wants to use sports as therapy to help other soldiers who suffer from PTSD.

David Cohen – Givati

In August 2011, David’s unit was sent to reinforce the Israeli-Egyptian border. As they settled into the area, five terrorists crossed the border and began attacking unarmed civilians and soldiers – firing missiles and grenades. Six civilians and two soldiers were killed in the skirmish.

Nadav Elbaz – Paratroopers

While on a mission in Gaza to seize control of a strategic location, Nadav was injured when a nearby explosion sent shrapnel throughout his body. He recovered from three fractured disks and continued his career with the IDF for 10 and a half years – achieving the rank of Major.

Yoann Ber Hen – Golani

Originally from France, Yoann joined a reconnaissance unit which specialized in clearing explosive ordinance. He was injured clearing a house in Sadjaiva occupied by Hamas terrorists, and was pinned down by relentless gunfire for more than 12 hours before being evacuated.

Dorel ben Haim – Givati

While on patrol in Eraset, an unknown assailant attacked Doral and his commander from a nearby rooftop causing severe injury.

Doral hopes to improve his knowledge of finance to help entrepreneurs grow their startups.

Naor Halili – Givati

Naor was injured fighting against terrorists in Gaza.

He has a growing family with a wife and three children. His future career interests are in real estate, and in his spare time he enjoys the ocean, fishing, and diving.

Dor Nakash – Yahalom

Dor was shot in 2014 while conducting routine operations and required three months of rehabilitation.

He has an interest in acting, and would like to train to become an engineer.

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