Making a Difference, One Soldier at a Time

Ambassador Program

What is the Goal of the
Israel Heart2Heart Ambassador Program?

The goal of our Heart2Heart Ambassador Program is to identify those existing warriors of Israel Heart2Heart who have the burning passion to help other Israeli warriors with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and have the qualifications to handle the job of an ambassador.

What does it mean to be a Heart2Heart Ambassador?

The definition of the word AMBASSADOR is “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity”. A Heart2Heart Ambassador is willing to actively volunteer their time and efforts to work with other Israeli combat veterans with PTS and to welcome them to our family. Specifically, their role is to inspire them along the Heart2Heart path to self-improvement and self-accomplishment. To become a Heart2Heart Ambassador requires the veteran to have an open heart and strong desire to help other veterans with PTS.

Heart2Heart Ambassador Requirements

To become an ambassador requires an Israeli veteran to have successfully completed the primary 12-month Israel Heart2Heart program and seek to help other warriors with PTS in need of help. The specific requirements are as follows: 

  1. The Candidate must demonstrate active participation and enthusiasm
  2. Complete ambassador application
  3. Interview with two board members
  4. Sign a letter of commitment
  5. Compete the four-month ambassador training course

To become an ambassador is to become a representative and promoter of Israel Heart2Heart. To help you become an ambassador we have designed the following four-month ambassador training and development program. By committing to become an ambassador, you are committing to complete the four-moth training program, while continuing your weekly yoga practice. Most importantly, you understand the value of yoga to help warriors deal with their trauma and are willing to actively promote our Israel Heart2Heart programs and values.

Our Ambassadors